TheCocktailDB was built in 2015 to provide a free data source api for drinks online
in the hope that developers would build applications and cool projects ontop of it.
TheCocktailDB originated on the Kodi forums as a way to browse cocktail recipes on your TV.

There are also some supporting Apps
JavaScript https://www.npmjs.com/package/cocktail-api-search

Many developers have since contributed to the project and built apps on top of it. You can see some of them listed below:

TheCocktailDB is also used by universities to tech web design and programming as it has an easy to use API and cool content.

There are also some chatbots available that use our API:
Discord https://github.com/Richardson-Media-House/Kirbi/

And used in Apps for Android and iPhone!

There is also an app created for the pebble smart watch!